How to get gyrados in pokemon magikarp jump

how to get gyrados in pokemon magikarp jump

When pokemon was release everyone went crazy about it. now in 2017 a new pokemon game was release for

ios and android. Pokemon magikarp jump is a simple game all you do is grow your magikarp while you train and

feed them. But as we know magikarp has an evolution form. Gyrados so now the question is How to get gyradous in pokemon jump?

there are several ways to get gyrados.

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Steps to get gyrados

When you’re at your main screen, head to your item bag and you should notice an Everstone in it. This is a stone that is popular in the handheld Pokemon games that causes the Pokemon holding it to never evolve.

All you have to do is keep clicking the everstone to break it and this will let magikarp evolve. Once you have gyrados you will be way powerful than other trainer this will give you

advantages in the game. When i tried it at first it didnt work then after i keep clicking on the everstone it finally breaks and now i got gyrados.


Another way you can evolve it is to keep playing the game and wait until your level 20 since magikarp will be strong and it will be powerful as ever.


Once evolved you can choose what color you want for gyrados i choose red since its the best one. one of my friend told me that gyrados is not that strong since while your tapping your screen

But if you dont have any patience on leveling up we designed a tool that will help you get gyrados by using this tool. this also give you unlimited diamonds and unlimited coins

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